Your First Podcast with Audacity!

Come learn the basics of good podcasting using Audacity, a free, open-source, easy-to-use, but powerful audio program. You’ll learn how to record, edit, add music, and output your podcast to an mp3, as well as a few practical tips to making your podcast stand out from the rest. This will be a hands-on class, so before you arrive, you may want to think about, or even prepare, a short script of what your podcast will be about. Come have fun and learn about this exciting, on-demand communications medium.

#1 Tip for preparing to record your podcast: have a script or an outline of what you'd like to cover, with a clear opening, introduction, body, and closing of your subject.

Check out this nice guide to the basics of Audacity: Audactiy Instructions.pdf

Here's the presentation: podcasting.ppt

Links to good podc